“Many thanks for your Back to Nature presentation today. Keeping 160 grade 1-5’s engaged online for 45 minutes is not an easy task, but you did it with aplomb!”

St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School, Oakville, ON

“As always, your Black History presentation was excellent! The students found it fascinating and really got a lot out of it.”

Trillium School, Markham, ON

“Your Black History presentation was super informative.”

Georges Vanier SS., Toronto, ON

“Thank you Loretta! We enjoyed having you here.”

Delmanor Glen Abbey Retirement Residence, Oakville, ON

“On behalf of everyone here at St. Albert, we want to thank you for two amazing presentations (Kenya and Black History). The students and staff really enjoyed them and your enthusiasm.”

St. Albert of Jerusalem School, Miss., ON

“You are an amazing presenter. Thank you for coming and teaching us all about Black History.”

Caledon Central School, Caledon, ON

The response from staff and students regarding your Underground Railroad presentation was fantastic.”

Holy Family School, Bolton, ON

“Thank you for your ongoing dedication to teaching everyone of the importance of understanding and respecting our diversities.”

St. Josephine Bakhita School, Brampton, ON

“Our residents really enjoyed you.”

Delmanor Retirement Residence, Toronto, ON

“The students and counsellors really, really, enjoyed the Underground Railroad presentation and they learned a lot. Your knowledge and passion made the presentation, as the students said “wow”. Thank you for a job well done.”

Trillium Demonstration School, Milton, ON

“We enjoyed having you!” (Black History presentation)

Erin Centre School, Mississauga, ON

“You inspired us all with your Black History Part II presentation!”

St. Anne School, Brampton, ON

“Thank you. I heard great things about your Oceans Alive presentation.”

St. Cecilia School, Brampton, ON

“Thank you so much for an amazing morning. I received many very positive comments. The students really enjoyed the Buzz on Bees presentation and took away a wealth of information.”

St. John Bosco School, Brampton, ON

“Thank you ever so much for coming all this way to speak to our students. Our students were so inspired! Your In My Shoes presentation had a lasting impression on all of the students including a group of Grade 4 and 5 boys who have (as of lunch) started a Poverty Club. Thanks again!”

Buttonville Public School, Markham, ON

“We would like to thank you for coming and sharing your expertise and experiences with us. Such an engaging and informative presentation (Buzz on Bees).”

Milliken Public School, Scarborough, ON

“Your Oceans Alive presentation was well received by both students and teachers.”

Tam O’Shanter School, Scarborough, ON

“Thank you for delivering another wonderful program! We are always happy to host you!”

Beaty Library and Main Library, Milton, ON

“Happy to have you join us again. I love what you do!”

JM Denyes School, Milton, ON

“The students and staff really enjoyed your Underground Railroad presentation. You truly are a wonderful storyteller.”

Second Street Jr Middle School, Etobicoke

“The staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the day. The staff felt the Water is Life presentation was very engaging and applicable.”

Thompson Creek School, Dunnville, ON

“Thank you for another amazing presentation (Buzz on Bees). You are always engaging and your passion for humankind and our animals is contagious.”

Sts. Peter & Paul School, Mississauga, ON

“You do such a great job. The kids love your presentations and so do the teachers. It is always a pleasure to have you at our school.”

Blessed Kateri School, Kitchener, ON

“The students and teachers loved the presentations and want you back!”

St. Philip School, Mississauga, ON

“We enjoyed the Buzz on Bees presentation and have heard nothing but wonderful feedback from staff and students.”

St. John the Evangelist School, Whitby, ON

“Your Safari in Kenya presentation was thoroughly inspiring, informative and interactive. The students only had positive things to say about the experience. Thank you! Thank you!”

Edgewood PS, Toronto

“We all enjoyed your Safari in Kenya presentation SO much!”

Sunnylea School, Toronto

“Both of your programs got amazing reviews from staff and students – again!! You are so talented and passionate at what you do, and I am so grateful that I stumbled across one of your brochures all those years ago.”

Erin P.S., Erin

“Your Oceans Alive presentation brought about a lot of discussion in different classrooms about respecting the natural world around us. All of the staff were extremely impressed by you, your information/message and the way that you captivated even the older grades. The students were buzzing all day.”

James Morden P.S., Niagara Falls

“It is always a pleasure to see you and host your wonderful programs. I only heard very positive things from staff and students!”

Fred A Hamilton School, Guelph

“Thank you. You are amazing. I have had great feedback from students and staff.”

Father Venini School, Oshawa

“We’ve had only positive feedback about your In My Shoes presentation.”

Central Tech H.S., Toronto

“Thank you for a wonderful presentation, as always!”

Our Lady of Grace, Kitchener

“I have heard nothing but good things from students and staff! Thank you for sharing!”

St. Gregory School, Cambridge

“Thank you for a wonderful IN MY SHOES presentation.”

St. Jean de Brebeuf, Woodbridge

“I received lots of positive feedback from staff and students re your Black History presentation. They loved it!!”

St. Anthony of Padua, Milton

“Thanks so much for all you do. I have gotten great feedback about your Black History: I Have A Dream presentation. Both kids and teachers were thoroughly enamored by the content and your delivery.”

Doncrest PS, Richmond Hill

“It was wonderful to have you present at our school. The students were completely captivated with your Black History: I Have A Dream presentation. They learned a lot.”

T.A. Blakelock H.S. Oakville

“We love having you come in. You are such an amazing presenter. My students were so engaged.”

Sir William Gage, Brampton

“The students and staff really enjoyed your shows.”

Divine Mercy, Miss.

“Thank you for a wonderful experience!”

St. David CES, Maple

“Thank you so much! The students and teachers really enjoyed your Saving Planet Earth presentation.”
St. John’s College, Brantford

“Thank you!! Your Maya presentation was wonderful.”

Edgewood School, Toronto

“I wanted to say thanks for a great presentation. We always enjoy your stories!”

Somerset School, Brampton

“Thank you Loretta! You are a fantastic, engaging storyteller!”
Park P.S., Georgetown

“Your I Have A Dream presentation was awesome! You were able to sum up in one hour, what would have taken 4 years of university history.”
St. Joseph’s School, Acton

“The kids really got a lot out of your presentation. It was exactly what we’ve been needing to bring our Global Communities unit “to life”. We will definitely be booking you again next year!”

Russel D. Barber P.S., Brampton

“You truly are a wonderful and gifted storyteller. You brought your rich life life experiences to the culture and historical presentations, which made it so special.”

St. Gabriel the Archangel, Woodbridge

“The children were able to make a lot of connections to their learning. On behalf of all the staff, we appreciate all the knowledge and excitement you had to offer us today!”

St. Marguerite Bourgeoys CES, Brampton

“Keep up the indispensable work!”

Richview C.I., Toronto, ON

“We love when you come!”
Good Shepherd CES, East Gwillimbury

“Thank you for always bringing an amazing educational experience to the students.”
St. Michael The Archangel, Woodbridge

“Thank you very much for your powerful IN MY SHOES presentation on poverty and homelessness. Truly inspirational!”
Sts. Peter and Paul School, Mississauga

“Thanks for coming and sharing your vast knowledge (I Have A Dream). It was amazing!!”
Judith Nyman SS., Brampton

“I must thank you for a great Black History presentation today. You certainly educated our staff and students. I had a teacher tell me that your presentation was life changing. Everywhere I went today folks were thanking me for bringing you into the school.”
Central Peel Secondary School, Brampton

“Thank you for such a moving and informative “I HAVE A DREAM” presentation!”
Ingleborough School, Brampton

“SURVIVAL” was another fantastic and captivating presentation. The students seemed to hang on to every word!”
Glenview Park SS, Cambridge

“The staff and students had nothing but positive things to say about your IN MY SHOES visit with us!”
Ven. Michael J. McGivney School, Brampton

“Always great to have you!”
Gateway School, Toronto

“Your IN MY SHOES presentation was really well received by our students!”
T.A. Blakelock HS, Oakville

“All the teachers said they loved your IN MY SHOES presentation and the students themselves said that they were really moved!”
Our Lady of the Rosary School

“The staff and students enjoyed your IN MY SHOES presentations!”
Gordon Graydon Sr. P.S.

“Thanks for the amazing IN MY SHOES presentation today!”
St. Jean de Brebeuf C. HS

“Your IN MY SHOES presentation made an impact on our students. Thank you!”
St. Josephine Bakhita CES, Brampton, ON

“Thanks for another fabulous presentation.”
Peterborough Library, Peterborough

“We SO enjoy having you Loretta – you always provide such a “feeling like you’re there” and relatable experience for kids and grown-ups alike!”
Caledon Public Library, Caledon

“We loved having you and all your wonderful worldly treasures for us to see. It was such a wonderful experience for all the kids!”
Princess Margaret School, Toronto

“..very organized and engaging for students and staff alike.”
Mississauga Secondary School

“You were fantastic! Everyone loved it and so many said they didn’t want it to end.”
Heritage Park School, Scarborough

“Thank you once again for such a wonderful presentation! It’s easy for the students to be engaged when a speaker is so passionate about what they’re sharing and skilled to boot!”
Fred A. Hamilton School, Guelph

“I just want to thank you for all you do! For the past 3 years you have visited my son’s school in St. Catharines. The knowledge he brings home from your speaking engagements amazes me! He is not only fascinated by the things you talk about, but he has also developed a genuine concern and empathy for nature and animals.”
L. Barrow (Parent)

“It’s always a real treat having you present at our school!”
Scarlett Hghts Entrepreneurial Academy, Tor

“The children enjoyed the presentation and I can see why. It was well presented and very informative.”
Mountain View School, Stoney Creek

“As usual, the kids loved the presentation!”
Our Lady of Lourdes, Brampton

“The students thought the presentation was great!”
Dr. Norman Bethune Collegiate, Tor.

“We loved the presentation and all your moves.”
Our Lady of Fatima School, Brampton

“The presentation was fabulous. The teachers and the kids loved it.”
James Bolton School, Caledon

“I wanted to thank you for your truly inspirational presentations!”
St. Antoine Daniel School, Toronto

“The kids thoroughly enjoyed both presentation topics and the kindergarten students were telling all kinds of info that they had retained. A coup for certain.”
Beryl Ford School, Brampton

“I want you to know that the teachers are still talking about your visit. Thank you, thank you! The students were enthralled! The message is delivered in such a fascinating story telling version. We will be having you back!”
St. John Chrysostom CES, Newmarket

“We enjoyed both experiences (Black History and Land & People of Kenya).”
St. Jerome School, Toronto

“Thank you again so much for inspiring our students with your Black History presentation. Your passion was visible to all present and the staff and students really gained incredible knowledge and insight.”
North Park S.S., Brampton

“Great Black History presentation! Hit just the right sweet spot for the students to “understand”.”
North Park SS, Brampton

“You were fantastic!”
Lester B. Pearson School, Brampton

“Thank you so much for an informative Black History presentation. The teachers and students enjoyed and were engaged with every slide. Also, they were thrilled by the superb way in which you told the agonizing, yet interesting story of the African diaspora in North America and the Caribbean.”
Streetsville SS., Miss.

“It is always a pleasure to have you and Michael at Fletcher’s. Our students are wonderful and with presentations, like you and Michael provide, the world is a better place.”
Fletcher’s Creek Sr School, Brampton

“Thanks again for a fantastic Black History presentation. The comments continue to be positive.”
Judith Nyman S.S., Brampton

“I loved your Black History Show! I feel so proud to be black!”
Fletcher’s Creek Sr. School, Brampton

“We had lots of positive feedback and it was a wonderful experience for our students!”
Trelawny School, Mississauga

“Your Land & People of Kenya show was spectacular!”
Middlebury School, Miss.

“Thank you very much for coming and sharing your engaging presentations with our school. They certainly touched the hearts of our students!”
St. Cecilia School, Brampton

“Thanks for the wonderful presentation!”
Tom Thomson School, Burlington, ON

“Thanks again for your presentation today. It was terrific!”
Millwood Jr. School, Etobicoke

We all enjoyed our very memorable trip to the Amazon today.
Our Lady of Good Voyage, Miss.

Thank you for doing a wonderful presentation. You did a great job connecting with the students and keeping them engaged and interested! Here’s some feedback from other teachers: I think that the behaviour of our students was a good indicator of the success of the presentation. (English teacher) The presenter really put her heart into it. So passionate and professional. I loved it!!! (Tech teacher)”
Judith Nyman SS, Brampton

“I have had the pleasure of seeing your presentations a number of times. You are exemplary in your presentation style, student engagement and educational content!”
Gateway School, Toronto

“Thank you for your IN MY SHOES presentation today. You really inspired me!”
Ingleborough School, Brampton

“This was perfect for my class to end our unit on biodiversity. You are truly an amazing storyteller! One of the kids said, “That wasn’t a good presentation….it was a great presentation!”
Maplehurst School, Burlington

“Thank you for a fantastic presentation!”
Entreprenurial Academy, Etobicoke

“Your presentations are always excellent.”
Mill Valley School, Etobicoke

“I loved your presentation! You are my hero!”
Student at St. Joseph School, Tillsonburg

“You are by far the best presenter that we have ever had at any of my schools.”
Kateri Tekakwitha CES

“Loretta, you are a gifted educator!”
Lorne Park P.S.

I just wanted to pass along the impact of your Black History presentation on our students. I heard nothing but glowing reviews of your work/narrative/presentation from colleagues as well as the student body in general. As a class we were all in agreement that your presentation had opened our minds and taught us much we did not know. Thanks for opening us up!
Teacher Secondary School, Milton

I loved the Kenya presentation. You are such an energetic and mesmerizing speaker. You make us hang onto every word. You create a level of excitement and wonder about every slide…. You are truly spellbinding and amazing!
Lorne Park Secondary School, Mississauga

Loretta, you are always so inspiring and such a breath of fresh air! My students “loved everything about this morning.
Erin Public School, Erin

The positive comments from staff and students about your dynamic presentation kept rolling in all day. To quote two senior students who when asked how they liked this year’s Black History assembly, they said, “It was great! We finally learned something.” I will recommend Down to Earth productions to my colleagues from now on.
Richview Collegiate, Etobicoke

I have never seen my students so empowered!
Sir William Gage School, Brampton

Your Black History presentation was the word at Gage yesterday.
Parents, teachers and students were overwhelmed with the wealth of information you poured out.
You and your family have taken on a great task and will definitely have a huge impact on the Black community. Continue to do what you do. Keep the historical fire burning and remember you have been chosen for such a time as this! Thanks so much for making our kids feel good about themselves.
Sir William Gage Middle School, Brampton, ON

You were so engaging and I heard nothing but positive feedback last night and today in the hallways. I hope we can do it again!!!!!
Principal, Blair Road School, Cambridge

Thanks for the great show! It went really well with our science unit and showing the outcome of our actions on the animal’s environment.
Eagle Plains School, Brampton

Thanks for a great morning!
Millliken Public School, Scarborough

I have received rave reviews about your IN MY SHOES presentation. Thanks again for such a wonderful show.
Father Michael Goetz SS, Mississauga

On behalf of the students and staff at Clarkson S.S. we would like to thank you for sharing your inspirational message with us. You have motivated us to become better Chargers! and make a difference in our school, community and as global citizens. Thank you!
Clarkson S.S., Mississauga

Your workshop at the Peel Board’s Spotlight on Black History was phenomenal! I loved it and so did the students. It was interesting, informative, educational and well-organized. You did an exceptional job! Thanks again for such a thought-provoking workshop. It was the highlight of our trip!
David Suzuki SS, Brampton

Loretta, your narration is always flawless; you draw the listeners in and keep their attention throughout the entire show.
St. Mark School, Mississauga

Thanks again for your informative and entertaining presentation to our Grade 2 students.
Post Corners School, Oakville

The children thoroughly enjoyed the show. I can’t believe how you kept their attention for an hour and a half. All the teachers were really impressed as well! It was an experience enjoyed by all!
St. Mary Immaculate School, Richmond Hill

Your presentations were fascinating. The students and teachers very much enjoyed your visit.
Ventura Park School, Thornhill

You are really amazing at what you do!
Osprey Woods School, Mississauga

I really love your presentations. I love how enthusiastic you are and how you gather up all this cool, interesting info and make it very fun for us to learn.
Bishop Francis Allen School, Brampton

Your presentation really wowed the crowd! I can’t say enough good things. It was awesome!
Rivercrest P.S., Etobicoke

Thank you so much! It was an amazing day! The staff and students are all still talking about it!
Caledon Central School, Caledon

Your presentations are always excellent and the students really enjoyed themselves today.
St. Veronica School, Miss.

Your show was really good and interesting!
Parkview SS, Hamilton

Thank you for coming to our school and delivering a powerful and entertaining message!
Mary Fix School, Mississauga

Thank you SO much for your visit today! The kids are all buzzing!
Connaught PS, St. Catharines

Thank you for all that you do! We are so grateful for your passion and the dedication you both have towards making the world a better place! Education for conservation is such a valuable and unique program! Thank you again for your enthusiasm and your wonderful stories!
Sunny View School (Brampton)

The presentation IN MY SHOES was very touching and inspiring and made me want to be a better person.
Mount Royal Public School

Thanks for the amazing assemblies today!
V.P. Esker Lake School, Brampton

I talked to many of the little guys and they loved your show. See you next year!
Chartland Jr School, Scarborough

Thanks for coming! A lot of great feedback from students and teachers!
St. Andrew School, Orangeville

The students and teachers loved your presentation! I will be sure to recommend you to others!
Blessed Sacrament School, Kitchener

Everyone is buzzing about your presentation! Thank you !
Norman Ingram School, Toronto

Your presentation was great and very well received by everyone. I think that the kids came away with a much better understanding and appreciation for the significance of Black History Month!
Sacred Heart and St Joachim Schools, Brampton

Many thanks for all your efforts today. The girls all really enjoyed and benefitted from the great presentations once again!
St. Mildred’s-Lightbourne School, Oakville

Your presentation was amazing as always! You have a way with the children and they will be talking about you for months to come. Keep up the good work. Everyone can make a difference!
Rolph Road School, Toronto

We love your enthusiasm, passion and love of learning.
Osprey Woods School, Mississauga

We loved having you present at our school. I heard positive comments from both the staff and students!
Fallingbrook Middle School, Mississauga

Thank you as always for your informative and ever energetic presentation. Animals provide such a huge fascination to kids! Your artifacts and historical tidbits never cease to amaze me! On behalf of all of the grade twos at Eagle Plains, we look forward to seeing you again!
Eagle Plains School

My daughter came home bubbling with enthusiasm! During dinner, she led us artifact by artifact through what must have been a fascinating presentation for her. As an anthropologist, I am thrilled of course by any efforts to expand our children’s classrooms beyond their immediate cultural context.
University of Toronto

An enormous thank you for another unique presentation!
Morrish School

Thank you for making writing such an easy process. The minds of the children were brimming with information. They seem to have remembered everything you said. It was a great way to introduce them to newspaper reports. You are a talented speaker who manages to grip the attention of all children. Thanks again!
Rawlinson School

Your show was so informative and visually attractive. The children and parents (and staff) loved the event, especially the great audience interaction components. You never fail to please our audience and I would not hesitate to recommend your show to others!
Mississauga Library

I cannot thank you enough for your AMAZING presentation. My students canʼt stop talking about everything they learned and experienced! I even have parents telling me their children keep talking about Africa! You are a truly dynamic woman who inspires students and teachers to DREAM BIG and explore the world! Thank you for everything!
Franklin School

Thank you very much for sharing your amazing travel adventure in the Amazon Rainforest with the students. Your presentation is informative and appropriate for students of all ages. It was very evident that you are passionate about the preservation of the environment. Our discussion on Thursday indicated the students were enthusiastic and gained a great deal of knowledge and respect for the rainforest.
J. Guy

Thank you for coming to Brandon Gate with your exciting, informative and engaging presentation. The students were thrilled and cannot stop talking about it!!
T. Kelly (Brandon Gate)

It was a wonderful presentation – the students truly enjoyed the display and your infectious enthusiasm!
St. Alfred School

My grade three class as well as myself were so touched by your presentation that I think I may change our curriculum plans to highlight endangered species. Keep up the good work!
Berner Trail

My class and all of us enjoyed your presentation. We were deeply moved by your enthusiasm about elephants. You do a wonderful job! Keep it up.
Ripley Huron School

For the second year in a row you have received rave reviews from our staff and students. We will anxiously be awaiting your flyer for next years presentations!
Sir Wilfrid Laurier School

Thank you for your efforts! It seems we never seem to say it enough to hard working people such as yourself – that are out there educating our young people to the simple truths in life. Thanks again for your efforts!
Carleton School

Thank you so much for being our guest speaker at Earthfest. Your presentation certainly had an impact on the students who attended. You can be sure that they will never forget your message. You certainly contributed to the success of our day! With sincere thanks!
Earthfest Planning Committee

On behalf of all of the students and staff at Centennial Senior School, thank you so much for enlightening us about the endangered species of Africa. Your sense of humour and imaginative presentation really touched our kids. Thank you for making this topic come alive for us!
Centennial School

Thank you for another great presentation. I sit in wonder of the world when you transport us to exotic lands. The girls learn so much. Keep up the good work. You supply a great program – one that Girl Guides can utilize for all age groups. We had girls from aged 5-16 there last night, not a peep was heard during the presentation. That in itself is proof that what you do is worth doing!
Girl Guides of Canada

Loretta, you have displayed a passion about Africa and the environment. The students at St. Christopher School have caught that passion as well! I commend you for your work with children and schools!
St. Christopher School

It is one thing to read about and sympathize with the plight of the endangered animal, but to relive your experiences vicariously through you, is far more compelling. The anecdotes you chose to share were just the right balance of humour and drama. The kids and adults present were quite taken.
St. Elizabeth Seton

You informed and enlightened us and you pulled at our heartstrings. Rest assured that you reached the students. The mood upon returning to our classroom after your presentation was subdued and thoughtful. As a person who cares deeply about the environment and our fellow creatures, I applaud your work!
Sir John A Macdonald Sr. School

Seldom have I witnessed programs which have had such an impact on both the teachers and the students. Congratulations for developing a highly informative and entertaining way to bring African wildlife into the lives of the children!
Principal, St. Louis School

Your contribution – with the keynote address at the opening of the assembly – certainly established the tone of the symposium, its theme and eventual success. The manner in which you shared your personal conversion experiences in becoming committed to a cause captivated your audienceʼs attention and respect. You are gifted! You are effective! Continue to share and expand your talents and convictions in convincing others to Build a Better World.
St. David Catholic SS

Your talk, message and presentation were all excellent! You made us laugh. You made us cry. You shocked us. Most of all, you made us care! May God help you in all your endeavours and bless your mission.
R. Guerriero

Our Travel Tourism teacher appreciated your accurate portrayal of the disparities of Kenyan life. The students were heard to say this was the best assembly of the year.
Bloor Collegiate

Students were so attentive and learned so much. They have a greater appreciation of all living things because of your work.
Grapeview School

Our students certainly gained a new appreciation and awareness of endangered species. Some parents said it was quite a topic of conversation at dinner that night. Thanks again!
V.Principal, Suddaby School

Our students were fascinated by your slides, your style and the touch table. I know you have influenced the sensitivities of the students. We really appreciated your enthusiasm!
St. Bartholomew School

Thank you so very, very much for sharing your passion with us. You shared a tremendous amount of information and motivated us to save our rainforests. Thanks for raising our level of awareness.
H.G. Bernard School

Everyone raved about the presentation! You have such a talent for storytelling. Your stories are so vivid and exciting. We talked about the presentation the following day in class and the students in my class were keenly interested in doing something to help save endangered species.
Holy Family School

Your dynamic and enthusiastic personality – in addition to your extensive collection of artifacts, captivated our attention and heightened our awareness of the impact of ecotourism in Africa.
Preston High School

Thank you so much for visiting us again and sharing your wonderful experiences and the wonderful person that you are. You are always welcome!
St. James School

Thank you for an exceptional presentation! All the students and teachers loved it!
St. Peter School

Thank you once again for a fantastic presentation. The students were thrilled with the topic and are motivated to learn more!
St. Brigid School

The presentation was fabulous! I want to truly thank you for educating us on the beauty of conserving our animals. You are inspirational and make such a difference in a crucial and often neglected area.
Sunnyview School

Your shows are top notch – educational – entertaining – and a real eye opener to the world around us! Thank you for brining global issues and insight to our students. Itʼs people like you who make this world a better place! Bravo!
St. Barbara School

Thank you for an absolutely wonderful day!
Father Daniel Zanon School

The kids were inspired and impressed with your presentation!
V. Martin

We strongly believe that your presentation affects some students for the rest of their lives. Thank you so much for alerting our students to these vital issues.
Westheights School

On behalf of the children and staff, who participated in your presentation yesterday, a huge thank you! It has been the topic of conversation around here since you left. You put on an excellent talk and display and your enthusiasm and passion for your subject was a pleasure to witness!
Princess Margaret School

We loved your presentation! Thank you for making learning so much fun!
Palgrave School

The verdict is in! The students who took in your travel experience through the Amazon loved it! Thank you so much for the enthusiastic presentations that you made.
Lester B. Pearson Collegiate

Thanks for the wonderful presentation today. It certainly made us all think about how we can make a difference!
Tom Thomson School

Everyone enjoyed your presentation and feedback from parents was very positive. Not only was your show informative, but entertaining as well.
Girl Guides of Canada

Thank you so much for Sensory Safari presentations. The students enjoyed your shows and loved being able to manipulate the artifacts. You definately enhanced the students knowledge on Africa and Rainforests.
Gifted Outreach Conference Committee

Thank you for your informative and highly entertaining presentation. The students and staff greatly enjoyed your visit!
Metro Andrei School

We would like to thank you for taking the time to be our keynote speaker at our first Earth Day Conference. Your slide presentation was better than excellent and no less than top quality. The style and timing of your vocal narrative was so full of love for your job that many of the students felt as if they really were in Africa with you during your many adventures. I might also add that a not-very-common standing ovation proved that the students loved their trip to the land of the elephants.
Port Dover School

I would like to thank you again for your enthusiastic Ocean presentation. All students from Grade 1-5 were keenly interested in your talk, and especially, your touch tables. Thanks for your work in encouraging our young people to protect our environment.
Drayton School

The students found your presentation to be most fascinating and informative. Your enthusiasm for Africa is very evident as well. The students are indeed fortunate to have such a knowledgeable instructor as yourself!
Travel Training Career Centre, Mississauga

Thank you for a fantastic, super, great, interesting and informative presentation!!! We loved having you.
S. Vluestra

The students were moved to help save the elephant and other endangered species. Thanks so much for coming!
Milliken Mills School

A million thank youʼs! It is always such a fabulous learning experience! You gave the students a wonderful gift!
Queen Elizabeth School

Thanks again for visiting our school. From the feedback that I have received, the students found the hands-on artifacts very interesting – something they will remember for a long time.
St. John School, Burlington

Thanks once again for your recent visit. We were all impressed by your knowledge, professionalism, and entertaining and informative delivery. Not a single child in attendance, it is safe to say, left without an indelible impression of the beauty of Africa and the need to protect its wildlife.
Clarkson Lorne Park Branch Library

On behalf of the staff and students at PDCS, I would like to express sincere appreciation to you. The responses to your presentation and to the workshops have been most positive. The input received has given each of us food for thought and reflection as we consider our personal role in the ongoing concern for the environment – both locally and globally. Your sincere dedication and commitment to preserving the few remaining elephants were clearly evident. There was an impact on all who were present.
Port Dover Composite School

I loved your show. I want to be what you are when I grow up. What are you?
Shane (Student letter)

Thank you so much for coming to our school. It was fun going on an adventure with you. I had a great time. I know you are a role model to many people including myself.
Mikayla (Student letter)

Thank you for coming to my school. I loved your bones.
Umar Y. (Student letter)

I would like to thank you for your wonderful presentation yesterday. Your enthusiasm, sincerity and sensitivity encourages all of us to take action to protect endangered species. As an educator, I truly appreciate the opportunity the students enjoyed in meeting with you in person. We all hope you continue your important work!

Holy Cross School

A million thanks for your thought provoking presentation. Your talk generated a lot of discussion in my classroom and some students are even doing independent research projects about elephants on their own time!! Thank you for providing such a motivational and vastly interesting presentation!
Donwood Park Jr. School

You projected all you have observed about animal behaviour, in such a way, as to capture the interest of each and every student, teacher and adult in the room. Your vision is a great one!
L. Watson

Absolutely loved your WW1 presentation.It was awesome.
Countryside Village School, Brampton

As always, you have bedazzled another school community with your incredible presentation, your open, compassionate and caring presence, and your incredible storytelling.
Grenoble School, Toronto

If you are looking for a speaker who is reasonably priced and can speak to the entire school, look no further. Loretta Penny teaches kindness, and kids respond to her message.
Promoted by principals in York Catholic District School Board

We always love having you!
St John XXIII School, Mississauga

It was a great opportunity for everybody to learn something new about oceans. I can see the spark in the children’s eyes and amazed to see how engaged children were.
Riverdale Branch Library, Toronto

Thank you again for a dynamic performance..I like how you grabbed the kids attention with rats, and finished with examples of kids..Canadian kids and how they give back.
Cayuga Church Group Summer Camp

“Children will soon forget your presents. They will always remember your presence.”
– Unknown


Did You Know?

Piranha do not like fast moving water. This is the safest area for bathers to swim in.



“May your day be as happy as elephants at the water’s edge.”
– Inspired by an
East Indian proverb


Did You Know?

1,400 plants from rainforests have been found to have cancer fighting properties. Alkaloids from the leaves of the rosy periwinkle have been successful in treating Hodgkin’s disease and childhood leukemia.


“Never miss an opportunity to sleep on a screened porch.”
– Unknown

Did You Know?

Frogs have something in their mouths that toads don’t. Teeth. Most frogs have teeth on the upper jaw but none on the lower jaw.

“The turtle looked at me.
There was no doubt, none whatsoever, that it had a soul.”
– Bruce Brooks


Did You Know?
The Yanomamo peoples, who live in the Amazon in the far north of Brazil and in southern Venezuela, were first contacted by western peoples in 1950.

“A young spider knows how to spin a web without any instructions from anyone. Don’t you regard that as a miracle?”
– E.B. White
Charlotte’s Web

Did You Know?

There are over 1 million deer/car collisions each year!

“A parrot….is a tropical zygodactyl bird (order psittaciformes) that has a stout curved hooked bill, is often crested, brightly variegated and an excellent mimic. In other words … a parrot is a little bird with a big mouth.”
– Deborah and James Howe

Did You Know?

The worlds largest species of otter lives in Brazilian rainforests. Males can reach lengths of 1.8 metres and weigh 30 kg.

“If you find a path with no obstacles it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.”
– Anonymous


Did You Know?

The roof of the Amazon Indian home is made of dried fronds of the Yarina Palm. The roof can remain watertight
for ten years.


“Why do dogs scratch themselves? ‘Cause they’re the only ones who know
where it itches.”
– Anonymous

Did You Know?

On September 1, 1914, the last Passenger Pigeon on Earth died. Her name was Martha.

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a king word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential
to turn life around.”
– Leo Buscaglia

“Here the world is still young and fragile … held in trust for your sons and ours.”
– A Serengeti Sign Post

“School is a building that has four walls – with tomorrow inside.”
– Lon Watters


“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he findsit attached to the restof the world.”
– John Muir


“Quitters never win;
winners never quit.”
– Anonymous

“The best place to find
a helping hand is at the end
of your arm.”
– Elmer Leterman