Social Justice

NEW! EMPATHY: Gateway To Compassion (Gr.1-8)

Through “real world” human interest stories and images, students will gain a better understanding of how empathy is the basis of a compassionate and civilized society. Students will be amazed to learn that in addition to humans, many animals display empathy as

Water Is Life (Gr. 3-12 Adapted)

This presentation will take students on a journey around the world, to explore the importance of fresh and salt water – as it relates to our planet’s history, the environment, religion, health and indigenous cultural teachings.

In My Shoes (Gr. 5-12 Adapted)

Students will journey in the shoes of others, to gain a heightened awareness of the challenges faced by homeless and marginalized peoples; those living in poverty; and those facing discrimination. Through example, youth will be encouraged to offer compassion, by lifting up
those most in need.

World Issues: Vanishing Cultures (Gr. 4-12 Adapted)

Indigenous peoples of the world share common values, knowledge, struggles, spiritual traditions and a rich and vibrant history. This presentation will explore cultural and environmental issues facing our indigenous communities, with emphasis on the Turkana of Northern Kenya.

Human Rights: A Call To Action (Gr. 5-12 Adapted)

Throughout the world, many people face social and environmental injustices. This presentation will focus on The Americas, as it relates to unfair policies, water degradation, resource exploitation and the empowerment of marginalized groups.

The students were moved to help save the elephant and other endangered species. Thanks so much for coming!
-Milliken Mills School