New The Great Lakes (Grade 1-12 Adapted)

Covering 20% of our planet, our Great Lakes are a wonder to behold! This all encompassing presentation will pay homage to the cultural,environmental and historical aspects of this freshwater oasis.

Kindergarten Safaris

Our tailored ocean or forest shows offer kindergarten students a visual presentation combined with an incredible hands-on experience! Following the presentation, children will have an opportunity to squeeze a sea sponge, hug a sea turtle, hold a mermaids purse, stretch out a snake skin, smell a cacao pod, touch a jaguar skull …. and so much more!
(Includes 6 metres of hands-on artifacts!)

Oceans Alive (#1 Booked Science Show!) (K-8)

Oceans cover two thirds of our planet! This extraordinary ecosystem is an oasis for discovery! Grab your snorkel gear and sense of adventure as we delve into the world of uncountable and unimaginable species! From the seashore to the darkest depths, students will be mesmerized as we unravel amazing facts and tales of dolphins, turtles, crustaceans, sharks, coral reefs and more!

Forests Alive (K-8)

From Canada to Indonesia – bullet ants to marmosets – banana slugs to corpse flowers. Join us on an exciting adventure, as we explore the weirdest, rarest and most wonderful species of temperate and tropical forest ecosystems. Meet a moth without a mouth! A frog that looks like a cowboy! A plant that smells like a dead rat! Students will never look at nature in quite the same way again!

Swamps Alive (K-8)

Grab hole of your waders! Sit tight in your airboat! Glide along in your canoe! Get ready for the ultimate swamp safari! Explore and compare unique wetland ecosystems, wildlife and cultural connections in Ontario and The Florida Everglades. Learn how wetlands (The Kidneys of the Earth) are vital to our survival.

The Amazon Rainforest (K-12 Adapted)

This presentation will re-trace Loretta and Michael’s two month journey through The Amazon Rainforest. Meet the indigenous Tukano peoples of Brazil. Discover wildlife species at all levels. Explore the winding tributaries. Take action to protect this important ecosystem.

The Buzz On Bees (and Other Species!) (K-12 Adapted)

Students will learn about the current plight of bees and other endangered species locally and globally. Practical solutions will be offered to give hope and make a difference for the sake of our amazing species.

Biodiversity (Crisis & Conservation) (Gr 4-12 Adapted)

A canary turns silent in the mine. A frog disappears in the jungle. A river runs dry. Nature has long delivered messages about changes in the environment. This highly informative and topical presentation will highlight the biggest threats to biodiversity today. Students will learn about invasive species, ecosystem degradation, resource exploitation, climate change and more. Natural remedies and practical solutions will be promoted for prompt action and stewardship of our planet

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about
things that matter.

– Martin Luther King Jr.

Did You Know?

The staple food of Amazon indigenous peoples is manioc, from which they make a coarse floor. Other important crops include sweet potatoes, plantain bananas, yams and corn.