We Come To You!

Presentations/Displays for schools, retirement residences, libraries, camps, birthday parties, businesses and events!

Mini Safaris
Maximum Audience Size: 60
1 hr 20 min. (Includes Sensory Safari “Hands-on” Display)

$ 195.00 (+ travel/HST)

Mid Size Safaris
Maximum Audience Size: 120
1 hr 30 min (Includes Sensory Safari “Hands-on” Display)

$ 295.00 (+ travel/HST)

Lecture Safaris
Unlimited Audience
50 – 60 min. (Without display)

$295.00 (+ travel/HST)

Half Day Safaris (One performance)
Maximum Audience Size: 250
(Includes Sensory Safari “Hands-on” Display)

$450.00 (+ travel/HST)

Full Day Safaris (Two performances)
Maximum Audience Size: 500 per day
(Includes Sensory Safari “Hands-on” Displays)

$750.00 (+ travel/HST)

“A person’s a person,
no matter how small.
– Dr. Seuss

Did You Know?

The Seminoles are the only indigenous Native American peoples who never signed a treaty with the Federal government.