Our cross-curricular presentations spark curiousity, support critical thinking, promote respect and compassion, and inspire action.

Science Presentations

(Kindergarten To University)

Our Environmental Visual Presentations encourage respect for our natural world by promoting awareness and action.
Based on our personal research trips around the world, our audience vicariously travels through the Amazon, into the oceans and so much more!



Social Justice Presentations

(Kindergarten To University)

Our Social Justice Visual Presentations address Economic Inequality, Aboriginal/Indigenous Issues, Racial Inequality, Gender Inequality and more! “Real life” stories connect our audience to the issue at hand, thus raising levels of consciousness and inspiring action – locally and globally.

Black History/Canadian History Presentations

(Grade 2 to University)
Loretta Penny is the LONGEST SERVING BLACK HISTORY PRESENTER in Ontario, Canada schools.
Our Black History visual presentations address the history, struggles and successes of Black people in Canada and throughout the world.

These powerful presentations are delivered from a Black perspective, in an effort to serve a balanced view of historical events. They have been jointly researched and written by Loretta and her husband, Michael. Each presentation is a culmination of evidence-based facts and the views and stories of Michael, whose ancestry, can be traced to Jamaica (Maroons) and West Africa.



Social Studies/Geography Presentations

(Kindergarten To University)

Our Social Studies/Geography Presentations embrace the rich traditions, cultures and history of modern, aboriginal and ancient peoples.

Based on our personal research trips around the world, our audience delights in authentic hands-on artifacts to further feel the connections.

Presentation worksheets provided upon booking.


1. To See. 2. To Hear.
3. To Touch. 4. To Taste.
5. To Feel. 6. To Laugh.
7. To Love.

Did You Know?

95% of all animal species on Earth are insects with fossil remains dating back over 300 million years!


Did You Know?

Iguana is a delicacy in Belize! On menu’s it appears as “Bamboo Chicken”!


Did You Know?

There are four levels of a rainforest. From the bottom up: a) Forest floor level, b) Understory level, c) Canopy level, d) Emergent level