Black History

In support of United Nations:

“International Decade for People of African Descent”. (2015-2024)

“In my 35 years of teaching, this was the best presentation I have ever seen!” (Briarcrest School, Toronto)

The Underground Railroad

Travelling along the secret network of routes, students will vicariously assume the role of a freedom seeker. They will learn about life on a plantation; unique methods of escape; and the life and times of Harriet Tubman and others. Students will come away with a better understanding of the determination, inner strength and enduring spirit of those of African heritage.

Grades 2-8
Curriculum Connections: Anti-racism, History, Social Studies, Geography, Social Justice, Character Ed, Virtues


Black History: An Ancestral Journey

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“I have never seen my students so empowered!” – (Sir William Gage Middle School, Brampton)

“Thank you, thank you! The students were enthralled! The message was delivered in such a fascinating storytelling version.”- (St. John Chrysostom CES, Newmarket)

“You delivered a powerful presentation that had the students caught up in rapt attention from beginning to end. There were so many aspects of your presentation which were unique, well thought out, and beautifully conveyed.” – (West Humber C.I., Toronto)

Re-trace my husband Michael’s family roots, as we embark on an historic journey, from the heart of Africa to the Caribbean, United States and Canada. Undertake the Middle Passage; discover life on a plantation; follow the freedom route to Canada.

This presentation will highlight peoples of the African diaspora in a positive manner. Students will better understand the tragedy that they endured, but more importantly, their determination, inner strength and enduring spirit, that helped them to resist the oppression and rise up.

Grades: 7 and Up (Adapted)
Curriculum Connections: Anti-racism, History, Geography, Humanities,World Issues, Social Justice, Character Ed, Virtues

Black History: March To Justice

“Your presentation was awesome! You were able to sum up in one hour, what would have taken four years of university history.” – (St. Joseph’s CES, Acton)

We begin during the last days of slavery and move toward contemporary times. From the United States to Canada; from the foot soldiers to yesterday to those of today. Powerful visuals and riveting stories will help students better understand Canada’s history, experiences and social condition, on a journey toward equality for all!

Grades 6 and Up
Curriculum Connections: Anti-racism, Black History, Geography, Social Justice, Character Ed, Virtues


Ancient Egypt (Early Societies)

“The students thoroughly enjoyed their trip to ancient Egypt.”
(Ingleborough School, Brampton)

Join Loretta on an exciting journey to Egypt. Learn about ancient Egyptian peoples and their mysterious and fascinating history. Discover their advanced inventions and technology; importance of pyramids, rituals, religion, Gods, animals, astronomy and more. Compare similarities and differences with other ancient cultures and civilizations.

Great for Early Societies or African Heritage / Black History initiatives!

Grades 3 to 8
Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Science, Geography, Environmental Studies

Heroes & Inventors Photo

Heroes & Inventors

Since the beginning of time, Black inventors have contributed much to our world. This presentation will celebrate their inventions, discoveries and achievements, which have made our lives so much easier. We will take students on a journey from early Africa to contemporary times.

Supporting STEM initiatives. A positive and enlightening presentation. Includes Canadian content.

Grade 2 and Up

Curriculum Connections: Anti-racism, History, Social Studies, Art, Science

WW1: We Remember

“Bravo for creating an interesting and relatable presentation for students. So much Canadian content.”(Clark Blvd. P.S., Brampton)

WW1 was a four year war fought by over 100 countries, triggered by the assassination of the Archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand. Although initially declared a “White Mans War”, many others served as well: Indigenous, Black, South Asian, East Asian, women and more. This historic presentation pays homage to all those who served, so that students will have a balanced view.

Students will learn about life in the trenches; No Man’s Land, the Christmas Truce, military animals; food; nursing sisters, geographical locations, science of chemicals used in war; and the discriminatory measures that many groups of people endured. Canada’s role will be highlighted. Presented in an age appropriate manner.

Grade 5 and Up

Curriculum Connections: History, Anti-racism, Science, Geography, Social Justice, Social Studies

WW2: The Global War

“Wow! What a great WW2 performance today. So much knowledge and work. I thought the Zoom version worked out amazing. Thank you again!”(Sheridan Villa, Mississauga)

WW2 involved almost every part of the world from 1939 to 1945. This presentation will delve into the reasons why this war began; the main opposing sides; the role of Adolf Hitler; concentration camps; internment camps; Canadians at war; liberation and more. Many human rights laws came into play following this war, which have shaped our world.

Grade 6 and Up

Curriculum Connections: History, Anti-racism, Science, Geography, Social Justice, Social Studies

Your presentation was great and very well received by everyone. I think that the kids came away with a much better understanding and appreciation for the significance of Black History Month!
-Sacred Heart, Brampton