About Us


Whether trekking through the Amazon Rainforest – traversing the medicine trails of our First Peoples – or re-tracing the secret routes of freedom seekers – audiences vicariously journey in the shoes of others – without leaving the comforts of their school, business or venue.

Our innovative Down to Earth presentations are based on our “real life” experiences and research expeditions. Our hands-on displays offer an opportunity for a close encounter. Learning becomes an unforgettable, enriching and inspirational adventure!

Loretta Penny


“You are by far the best presenter I have ever had at any of my schools!”
(C. Taverna-Rossi, Principal, St. Monica School, Markham, ON)

Loretta Penny is a dynamic award-winning presenter, author and former African Safari Tour Leader. An energetic advocate of “real world learning”, Loretta has delivered over 4,000 presentations in Canada, United States and South America. In 1993, Loretta received the O.P.S.T.F.’s “Meritorious Award”, given for outstanding achievement to education in Ontario.


Your presentation really wowed the crowd! I can’t say enough good things! It was awesome!”
– (Rivercrest School, Etobicoke)

“I have had the pleasure of seeing your presentations a number of times. You are exemplary in your presentation style, student engagement and educational content!”
-(M. Hymus, Principal, Dunlace School, Tor.)

“Thank you for all that you do! We are so grateful for your passion and the dedication you both have towards making the world a better place!” – (Sunny View School, Brampton)